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Where did the name “MAIA” come from?20 March 2017

You might be wondering why we are called MAIA Asset Management and how on earth you pronounce the word MAIA. It may seem a random name to pick for an investment management firm but how we came across this name and the meaning behind it has a lot of relevance to us here at MAIA. As you may be aware, we are a new company and as such had the task of selecting a name which we hoped would express our ethos. We had spent several weeks in March this year mulling over our name, bouncing name after name between us, when one evening Laurence, our CIO, was asking his two children, Niamh and Caitlin, what they thought it should be named.

This question coincided with Niamh learning about Roman God’s and Goddess’ at school. After Laurence explained where our offices were, what month we were moving in and what we hope to achieve with the business, Niamh instantly said Maia. The reasoning to Niamh’s answer was because our offices are in April barns, in the middle of the countryside, we were moving into the barns in May and our aim is to grow our client’s assets. We felt that the Greek and Roman Goddess Maia embodied a lot of this as she is the Goddess of May, spring, growth and the brightest star in the sky.

MAIA pronounced my-a, is a Roman and Greek Goddess. In Roman religion and myth, Maia embodied the concept of growth, she was the goddess of spring, and the month of May was named in honour of Maia. In Greek mythology, as with her Roman counterpart, Maia was an earth goddess and she was also one of the brightest stars in the sky having her own star located in the constellation Taurus.

Our name and company MAIA Asset Management was born, a boutique investment management company in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside with a team who have worked together in the finance industry for over 25 years, with cumulative experience of over 60 years.

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