Investment Portfolios

The portfolio is designed to embrace a range of complementary assets, both traditional equity and bond funds as well as a selection of the alternative assets that are available in the market place.

We have identified that for an adventurous portfolio the equity content can be as high as 100%. Our multi-asset approach however means that we may embrace alternative assets and even bond funds should our views on the current economic environment highlight that these are appropriate. We will also specifically embrace global thematic funds within this portfolio.

Our fund selection process combines a qualitative and quantitative review of funds. Analysis of returns, risk, style, market cap and investment process is undertaken on all funds. This then enables us to blend different funds to reflect our views on markets, whilst ensuring that the funds selected do not duplicate or contradict with each other. The complementary investment styles selected for this mandate will be incorporated within a dynamic strategic asset allocation.

Key Factors

  • Set up for clients who are prepared to accept market risk
  • Capital growth from predominantly global thematic equity funds
  • This is for higher risk investors looking to maximise longer term returns
  • Multi-asset approach
  • Benchmark - IA Flexible Investment

Access to our portfolios

We offer 18 discretionary model portfolios that can also be accessed on the following platforms:

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