About Us

MAIA Asset Management is a boutique investment company offering a range of risk-rated managed portfolios actively managed by highly experienced, specialist investment managers to ensure optimum performance.

Set in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside, MAIA Asset Management offers a range of actively managed risk-rated, managed portfolios. We are an exclusive multi-manager specialist with over 75 years’ experience in this field, managing award winning funds within large investment houses. Building diversified, actively managed, tax-efficient portfolios is in our DNA and we have an open-minded investment strategy, with a ‘never say never’ attitude.

Our team’s experience allows us to embrace more esoteric funds that some fund managers may find difficult to incorporate in their asset allocations, and we don’t avoid funds that are young or below a pre-determined size. We believe each fund should be examined on its merits and performance, an approach that has led to our success in the past.

Our experience, reputation and many years spent working in the industry positions us well within the marketplace, giving us access to a range of fund managers.

Our portfolios are actively managed, and one of our main benefits is that we are extremely adaptable to market conditions. We offer a choice of twelve managed portfolios, with differing risk profiles ranging from defensive to adventurous, all run with a multi-asset funds based approach and continually monitored against set benchmarks.

Our aim is to actively manage your clients’ investment portfolios, leaving you free to perform the job of a financial adviser rather than an investment manager. With the requirements of in-house investment management growing ever more complex for IFAs, it makes sense to outsource to a specialist, allowing you to make more efficient use of your time.